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About Game

Long time ago, there were huge creatures in some places of the world. They spreaded fear and gave courage to humanity at the same time. They were the subject of many religious cults. Some of them were symbolizing power and wisdom, some of them were symbolizing wealth and abundance and some were the sign of evil, darkness and deaths.

These legendary figures have become symbols of belief systems in many parts of the world. A figure, which was the symbol of the disease in one region, could be the symbol of cure and power in another region. The legendary warriors who followed these creatures struggled to tame them. As a result of these struggles, some creatures were tamed, while others remained rebels.. It is too late to tame them now. It is the only choice to destroy them at the moment. In this story some warriors will pass away, some will be the lords of these creatures.

So Where Are You In This Legendary Story?


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